Hebei Huanyang Airlines Co., Ltd. Hebei HuanYang AirLines Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: HuanYang AirLines) Sanming Air Lines, Sanming Air is a subsidiary of Hebei Huanyang Airlines Co., Ltd. Founded on April 1, 2019. Legal representative Sun Lizhao, the main business is: air passenger transportation services, Internet information services, travel consulting services, trade information consulting, computer software development, technical consulting, technology transfer; network engineering design, construction, design, production, and domestic advertising agency Business, publishing domestic outdoor advertising business, import and export of goods or technology (except for the import and export of goods and technologies prohibited by the state or involving administrative approval), basic social insurance agency services, ticket agency, computer software and hardware, pre-packaged food, daily necessities, Retail sale of arts and crafts and collectibles (except cultural relics). Ticket agent Enter the travel big data market with ticketing agency services, gradually improve the layout of big data services, and provide global travelers, business people, enterprises and institutions with more complete and professional ticketing, tourism and other services. Corporate slogan Be a role model for the whole industry and reap golden hope Operating philosophy Cooperation, innovation, integrity, and win-win Work philosophy The only constant is "changing forever" corporate vision Strive to create a better tomorrow for customers. Integrity culture No gifts, no bribes, no false reimbur...



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Address:Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province